Duration: 3 September 2013 – 3 September 2014


 Sports students have a considerable risk of injuries due to the high frequency and intensity of their sports activities. Especially first year students are vulnerable. Athletic injuries have a negative influence on study achievement and general well-being. Injury risk is related to psychosocial factors (e.g. self-regulation and motivation) and physical factors (e.g. exposure and anthropometrics).


To optimize prevention and rehabilitation of injuries in sports students by the development of a standardized injury registration method and an online advisory tool.


– Baseline measurements during ‘Test-2-daagse’: All first year students completed digitalized questionnaires. Questions were related to injury history, sports participation, self-regulation, personality characteristics and motivation. Also anthropometric     characteristics (length, weight, fat percentage) were determined.

                – Injury registration (4x): After every study period, digitalised injury registration forms are       completed. Details on location, type, severity and cause are reported in case of an injury.

                – Optimization of the registration tool: The registration tool will be adapted into a more           user-friendly, attractive and convenient application.

                – Development of online advisory tool: The advisory webpage will provide the students        useful information on injury prevention, the rehabilitation process and sport medical               care.



A standardized injury registration method and an online advisory tool.