Quantified Vitality Check         /          In Dutch: Quantified Vitality Check

Duration: March 2014 – December 2014


Vitality consists of a physical aspect, a mental aspect and socio-emotional aspect. A good vitality is essential for employees, since research shows that vitality affects  work (productivity, satisfaction, employee health). Physical activity can improve vitality. It has a positive effect on health problems, physical fitness, and mental fitness, e.g. stress management. However, to improve vitality of employees, an intervention should focus also on decreasing stress, because this is an important aspect of vitality. Our intervention “COACH-M (Make up your mind)” aims to increase physical activity and decrease stress.

An important part of the COACH-M intervention is the Vitality Check: it measures health problems, physiological fitness, physical fitness, mental fitness (including stress), sleep efficiency and physical activity pattern. These are mostly performance based tests, eg, physical activity pattern is measured by a valid activity tracker or step counter connected to an online platform. Subjects use the data for monitoring and feedback during the intervention, which is called a healthy feedback loop. To date, sleep quality and stress level are measured by questionnaire. However, it is preferred to measure sleep quality and stress level on a performance based manner, so the healthy feedback loop applies here as well.


The aim of this project is to make the Vitality Check more ‘quantified self’ (for sleep quality and stress levels): Quantified Vitality Check (QVC).


This project consists of two parts. In the first part we will conduct a review study (literature, internet), and initiate focus groups discussions with experts to determine which performance based instruments exist to measure sleep quality/pattern and stress level. In the second part we will determine the feasibility of the new instruments by implementing the QVC in employees.