The project SPRINT@Work is a collaboration between the University of Groningen (Business & Psychology department) the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG; Convalescence and Social Medicine), and other business and knowledge-based institutions in the Northern Netherlands, including the Quantified Self Institute.

Duration: until September 2017


To prepare the Dutch labor market for the future, employees, employers, and self-employed people should take responsibility and should integrate “a healthy lifestyle” in their work- and private life.


The aim of Sprint@work is a healthier working population in the Northern Netherlands and simultaneously creating opportunities for companies in the areas of biomedicine-, care- and fitness technology, multi-media applications, gaming, sensor technology and monitoring.

Method/Expected output

Sprint@work will develop innovative sensor technology products in order to objectively measure cognitive and physical performance. In addition, interventions will be developed which will contribute to the process of self-awareness and improving physical and cognitive functioning of employees. To improve functioning of (continuously) ageing employees, interventions will be aimed at adjusting work places and at training specific skills in employees.