Duration: October 2013 – September 2014


The review of Sit Less Research 1.0 summarized the health risks of prolonged sitting. These health risks are independent of physical activity. Besides regular physical activity, it is recommended to sit less and stand up more often. The majority of sitting takes place at work, therefore workplaces are the perfect setting for interventions to decrease prolonged sitting.  The Lumoback can measure sitting behavior, and can provide feedback when sitting too much. However, it is unknown whether this device is effective in decreasing sitting behavior of employees with a primarily sedentary job.


The aim of this pilot study is to examine the effect of the Lumoback on sitting behavior of employees with a primarily sedentary job .


To avoid possible bias in the result, more information about this study will follow in a later stage.


The expected output of this project is a report which can be used for a follow-up research proposal.