Duration: Sept 2012 – Febr 2013


Probably the quality and effectiveness of e-Health to clients with chronic pain could be improved by incorporating sensortechnology. By using sensortechnology clients receive objective feedback about their lifestyle patterns, which we think will motivate them to adopt healthier lifestyles and self manage their complaints. As far as we know, at the moment there is no e-Health program available that offers a combination of online exercises and sensortechnology. Many sensors and smartphone / tablet applications are available for consumers. However, it is unknown which of these sensors and apps for monitoring physical activity and stress are best to use and can be incorporated in the online e-Health program that E-vitality, the initiator of this project, uses.


The aim is to search for available apps and sensors that can be used to self-track physical activity and stress, to explore prices, quality aspects, user experiences and validity of those devices and apps, and finally to advice which of the devices and apps will be suitable to use in the e-Health program for chronic pain patients of E-vitality.


Students of the Bachelor in Physiotherapy at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen performed desk research on the internet, in app stores and in databases for scientific literature to find information about available devices and apps that measure physical activity and stress. A model was set up to rate the quality of the devices and apps, with the possibility to connect to the E-vitality platform as one of the indicators. By filling in this model for all the devices and apps, an overview was made which can be used to decide about the best devices and apps for the incorporation in E-vitality’s e-Health program.


Results of all project phases are described in a project report. The end product is a reader with an overview of all the devices and apps that could be found, with their quality ratings based on the model the students developed. E-vitality will probably choose the Fitbit as a first sensor to incorporate into their e-Health platform for chronic pain patients.


The end product of this project is available for partners of the Quantified Self Institute.