Biofeedback for employees. iAge project.

Duration: 2013-2014


The age at which employees retire nowadays is increasing, therefore it is important to improve the long-term employability of (continuously) ageing employees.


The aim of this project is to improve long-term employability by using sensor technology. This sensor technology can provide insight in lifestyle behaviors and/or certain physiological parameters and can give feedback to the user.



In total, 12 employees of a Dutch company (Ateliers MTW) will use a variety of sensor technology which will support them in achieving their individual vitality goals, e.g. more physical activity or improved sleep. They will be supported by QSI and Estafette.



The expected output is a report which will provide more insight in how older employees can be supported by sensor technology to improve their lifestyle. This will be finished in December 2014.


This study is part of an international cooperation project (iAge) which promotes the use of ICT to combat social exclusion, improve employment opportunities, quality of life and community participation.