Quantified Self Institute

Who we are

Self-tracking for personalized health. At the Quantified Self Institute we work in a multi-disciplinary research group and are active in the emerging field of apps and wearable technologies.

Meet our science director in this program from Dutch national TV (in Dutch). Read our blog for much more videos, pictures & news!

What we do

Our activities consist of research and innovation projects.  Our ultimate goal: finding out by what means and to what extend self-tracking is useful for personal health. At the Quantified Self Institute we focus on the Big Five for Healthy Life
(physical activity, food, sleep, stress & relaxation and social interaction).

These are the guiding research questions:

  1. What hardware/software is available for self tracking?
  2. What kind of self tracking devices do people want and use?
  3. How valid and reliable is the technology?
  4. How effective is self tracking?

To answer these questions, we work in a multi disciplinary team. We work in collaboration with other research institutions, health organizations and industry partners. We share our knowledge through publications, presentations and conversation, read our blog for more information and to see upcoming events.

Read more about the philosophy of the Quantified Self Institute.